Charter Fiscal Impact

About Us

Charter Fiscal Impact is a project of Public School Partners, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that encourages sound public policies on behalf of Tennessee students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers.

Charter Fiscal Impact helps Tennesseans understand the financial stress that taxpayer-funded privately run charter schools place on the Volunteer State’s chronically underfunded public schools.

Our resources include policy briefs written by experts with decades of experience in education and government. Our fiscal-impact calculator is an easy-to-use tool that quantifies the negative fiscal impact of state-mandated charter schools and “fixed costs” stranded in traditional public schools.

Fixed costs — including hard-to-adjust public-school expenses such as maintenance, staffing, transportation, and utilities — are unconstitutional in Tennessee. But the appointed state charter school commission routinely ignores fixed costs and other negative fiscal impacts when overturning the decisions of elected local school boards.

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